Nails Club & Spa             35 Pleasant Street #3118   S. Weymouth, MA 02190             Tel # 1 (781) 340-5600

Nails Club & Spa is designed to be an immaculate, enticing and clean environmental.
Nails Club & Spa specialize in natural nail care.  Our implements are thoroughly sanitized between clients to maintain the highest level of sanitation.  We offer a wide variety of professional, spas, hygienic nails and other services to enhance your nail styles.  Nails Club & Spa has talented, experienced technicians to create dazzling nails.  Our technicians is dedicated to providing treatment for your relaxing and produce optimum performance and vitalize your body, mind and soul.

Nails Club & Spa thrive to provide you with the most outstanding customer satisfaction possible and the best quality products.  Please call us today for an appointment so we can serve you with the best services.